We also distributed wheelchairs for kids to children suffering with physical handicap. Many children who had remained in their homes due to lack of mobility means received wheelchairs for free. Our medical team went even into the villages impassable by vehicles to distribute the wheelchairs and even in Islands. The population are very very happy and even for most of them it is their first time to see and receive wheelchairs.

Below are 2 testimonies from some people who received the wheelchairs:

My name is Amina. I gave birth to 2 children who were both physically handicapped. When my husband saw that am giving birth to handicapped children he left me. I was rejected from my family and community. I could not manage to get leave the house because I had to take care of them round the clock. This made me suffers a lot because they could not go to toilet so I had to clean and carry them every time. Am so grateful to Dr. Luc Mulimbalimba, MHCD and the wheelchairs for Kids Australia for supporting my children with wheelchairs. I could never have thought of them owning the wheelchairs but now I have two wheelchairs for free. The children are now mobile and now I can go to the farm without any problems. Am no longer poor, I can now afford food for my children.

My name is Furaha. I gave birth to this child when he was well and after a few months he started developing some complications. He could not walk and this made me suffer a lot because he could go for toilet just where he was. His vision was to attend school and become a Doctor but the school was far away, 4 km from home and this made him suffer to go to school. Every day he could come back home crying lamenting why he is the only one suffering so much. This made me have so many thought and stress. I thank very much Dr. Luc Mulimbalimba for paying our transport, the child and I, from my village to Luvungi MHCD Hospital and for giving him a free wheelchair. Am grateful also to the wheelchairs for kids Australia for providing my child with wheelchairs. I could never afford to buy a wheelchair for him in my life. There are so many children who are suffering like my own child and it pains my heart to see them so, I request the wheelchairs for kids Australia to send more wheelchairs to Uvira District to help the many suffering children with the same problems. Please help them too.


Goitre is one of the diseases that’s making so many women suffer here in D.R. Congo. Many people in the villages believe that it’s related to witchcraft and has made many women suffer very much. In the second phase we operated 32 women suffering from goitre. All of them were coming from the villages and could never afford money for operations because the goitre operation costs USD 500 and the whole of Uvira District does not have a surgeon to do the operation. All our patients were operated for free and we thank God because all operations were successful.

Below is a testimony from one of the patients:

My name is Busime,I was suffering from goitre. I had sleepless nights due to lots of pain in the neck. I could not even eat since a small bit will trigger itching at the neck. I even had lost hope in life. Something that greatly depressed me was the disgrace I faced whenever I got out of my home. I was rejected from the community let alone my relatives. I even became the address to the village, newcomers could be told to go next to the woman with goitre, and all this brought about so much stress. I was helpless, could not afford the money for operations. I lost hope and cried day and night. Am very grateful to MHCD and Australian friends for bringing Doctors from Kinshasa and even help out in operating me. Am now free from goitre, I look beautiful and I have a future to look upto. I have gone back to my agricultural occupation and small businesses and am free to go anywhere without being victimised. Through your support you have brought joy, peace and happiness in my life and please as you remembered me, may you remember too the many others whom I know and are going through the same situation I had before the operation. Forever I will be grateful to you.


You are going to listen to some testimonies from mothers whose children suffer from malnutrition.


– My name is MAWAZO, I live in Ndolera village and I am a farmer. I do this work to feed my children, but because of the growing insecurity that prevails in our village and the kidnapping of people, I can no longer go to the fields to grow food; that is why my children are currently suffering from malnutrition. I don’t have the means to buy food because I was only living from my work in the fields. For lack of food I started to give my children water mixed with sugar, but to have even 1 kg of the sugar it was difficult for a month.

Today I would like to thank Dr Luc MULIMBALIMBA and the entire MHCD for having thought of us by opening a nutritional centre in our village; it is from support of this nutritional centre that my children now eat 3 times a day and they also receive treatment free of charge. I also thank the friends of the MHCD who pray for us and supporting us regularly.

– My name is TULIZO from Sange village, mother of the 6 children; I used to do small business, but one day I was on my way to the market, I saw a militia group coming and they took away all the goods I had for my trade(busness). When I came home, I had nothing left to feed my children. I started to prepare the cassava porridge that I gave to my children. This cassava porridge caused my children to suffer from malnutrition. I looked for people to help me I didn’t get any help from anyone, but today I am very happy and I thank Dr Luc MULIMBALIMBA and the entire MHCD DRC and Australia that I have found physical, spiritual and moral help and support. My children now eat 3 times a day at the MHCD nutrition centre and receive medical care free of charge.

May the Lord bless all those who have thought of us on this help by supporting the MHCD activities especially nutritional program.

– My name is BUSIME from Ndolera village and I am a farmer, I live from farming. One day I went to the farm, I was kidnapped by three men who raped me and when I came home I told my husband, but he instead of supporting me and taking me to the hospital for treatment he abandoned me and left me with four children. From then on I was afraid to go to the fields because I was going to be raped again; my life became difficult with the children at home, I no longer had food to give the children and they began to suffer from malnutrition.

I thank Dr Luc MULIMBALIMBA and the MHCD Mission for their help in opening a Nutrition Centre in our village which has allowed my children to receive food and treatment free of charge. I also thank all the MHCD friends who support the community development activities of Dr Luc MULIMBALIMBA and MHCD for this new life that he has given to my children and has also given me the hope to live again on this earth because of the suffering that I went through with the children I no longer had the hope to live again, but it is grace to his support that I had this smile and the hope to live again.

– I am Faradja and I study at the Dietsch Academy Sange. We have been eating at home once a day for several months now, there are days when we even sleep without eating anything, today I am happy because I study for free and I receive food at school. I am determined to do everything I can to finish my studies and become a teacher so that I can help other orphans children too.







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