About Us

Mission in Healthcare and Development (M.H.C.D) is a non profit  organisation based in Luvungi centre/Uvira,South Kivu Province,Goma in North Kivu Province and Kinshasa in  Democratic Republic of Congo;We  also have a branch in Bungoma Kenya and Burundi.

MHCD brings hope,peace and healing to those the world has forgotten. Through medical and community development activities, we have managed to save lives of 1000 of vulnerable people in Villages and rural areas of D.R.Congo every year.

It was founded by  Dr. Luc Mulimbalimba Masururu on 12th January, 2005. 

Anxious to bring a solution to health care problems and to eradicate poverty in our countries especially our village by sensitization of primary health care, treatment of chronic and hereditary diseases , training people (orphans, youths, widows and other vulnerable), education, to reduce the incidence of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality.

It is registered under  the Ministry of Justice and  Human Rights ,Ministry of Public Health,Ministry of Rural Development,Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Social Affairs and in Kenya is registed under the Ministry of Gender, Sports, Culture and Social Services .  

In 2010 Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba began the construction of Luvungi Naturopathic Hospital.This was because our vision was to treat chronic disases by use of natural medicine and food therapy.We then received patients with some other diseases that required operations like goitre ,appendix ;Hernia ;cleft lip and pallet, etc.We also received expectant women from far who came to deliver babies and children who were suffering from diseases who were in need of intensive medical care.

All this pushed Dr.Mulimbalimba to change the naturopathic Hospital into Luvungi MHCD  Hospital and we opened a department of gynaecology with maternity,surgery,internal medicine and paediatry.We also had other services like echography,dental clinic,opthalmology clinic,epilepsy clinic and we remained with naturopathic clinic.

This made Luvungi MHCD Hospital to be a leading Hospital in Uvira District.

On 24th June 2017, the government of Democratic Republic of Congo  through the Ministry of Health promoted Luvungi MHCD Hospital into a refferal and general Hospital.


Mission in Health care and Development is a NGO whose main objective is the promotion of primary health care, providing good, proper and affordable health care services to vulnerable people , education, poverty reduction and supporting vulnerable children. It’s now more than 10 years since MHCD has been carrying out these activities. Most of the activities are carried out in Democratic Republic of Congo. We have some other projects in Kenya and Burundi.

From 1997 to 2004, D.R.Congo experienced severe war and a UN report says that more than 5 million people died. Not all this died of bullets, some died of hunger and diseases. Children and women were the most vulnerable. At that time, Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba was working in Kenya at the ICIPE- International Centre for Insect, Physiology and Entomology as a medical Doctor and researcher on natural medicine. After working in Kenya for about 3 years, he received a message from Home saying his parents and some other relatives  were sick so he had to travel back home to DRC.On his arrival in Uvira,he continued to his home village in Luvungi and realized that so many people were living in poverty.

There was no hospital, just a small health centre, no radio station, the sick had to be transported to uvira town, Bujumbura or Bukavu and those who were not capable had to stay around and just wait for their death. Many children were suffering from malnutrition and most died due to lack of food and medicine. Many children too died of malaria, typhoid and other waterborne diseases. Women were leading very difficult lives carrying loads of luggage’s on their backs and this brought lots of complications, diseases and deaths. He found so many problems.

In bringing solution to this problems, he decided to resign his work in Kenya and reduce some of the activities he was doing there and he had move to Uvira District and then Luvungi with his family. It was not easy to leave a car, nice house, water and electricity and go stay in a village with no electricity, water and the latrines at 100m because the house was small and not self contained. The first thing he started was starting a community Radio station that helped in sensitizing the community on different topics like agriculture, primary health care,midwifery,peace and reconciliation, how to use mosquito nets and birthing kits and many other topics.

Secondly he began hospital construction with the aim of helping provide the villagers with good, affordable and proper health care. He then opened a nutritional centre and children suffering with malnutrion were being catered for there. He also opened nursery schools in Sange, Luvungi and Lubarika where we were supporting orphaned children with free education and medical care. There are many activities that he has done and have been included in the past reports and you will also get to discover others in this report.

Australia was also a blessing country. When Dr.Luc and family arrived in Uvira,so many Australians joined hands with him on his Congo vision and really helped a lot in improving the quality of life and reducing poverty amongst very many people. Australia is well known in Uvira District due to all the goodness they did for the people. We really appreciate your love, care and support.

Through Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba and MHCD friends,MHCD has become on of the leading organizations in Uvira District and DRC that is working so much in promoting women and children health,primary health care in villages and rural areas,education,gender equality and human rights and has helped so much in providing good,proper and affordable health care in the communities.Today MHCD has 120 Hospital beds in Luvungi,two medical centres in Kinshasa and Uvira,midwifery and technical school,conference hall for seminars and training,nursery schools and guest house.This has helped in bringing development in Luvungi particularly and Uvira generally.

Luvungi MHCD general Hospital was the first to start medical campaigns where many diseases and operations were treated and done for free.Diseases like goiter,cleft lip and pallets and other malformation were operated and it was the first time such operations are happening in Luvungi.This brought joy,prosperity and togetherness for many families since some of the many families thought their conditions were as a result of witchcraft or curses but when they saw the operations on their people were successful,they changed their perceptions and helped them have another view in life.

The sick who were travelling to Bukavu,Bujumbura or Kenya to seek medical help no longer travel to those places.Through MHCD they now have their Hospital that has been on the frontline in helping them in their diseases and reducing poverty.Before the MHCD Hospital;operations for caesarian sections, hernia or appendix costed USD150 to USD200 and this was soo huge for many people.Most of them gave up and waited for their last day on earth due to lack of funds but through MHCD and Luvungi general Hospital,we reduced the operation costs upto USD20 and for those who are very poor its free.This helped reduce mortality rates and lives of hundreds of people were saved.We are so grateful to God for giving Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba the vision of constructing a Hospital in Luvungi and we are so grateful to all those who are praying for and supporting MHCD.


Dr Luc Mulimbalimba Masururu is a medical Doctor by profession Specialist in Epileptology and Naturopathy,Member of parliament representing Uvira territory in D.R.Congo Natinal Assembly and National Leader of Bmi Bethesda Ministries International D.R.Congo.

He is the founder and Director of MHCD,Mission in Health Care and Development and President of D.R.Congo Australia Parliamentary Friendship Group.

He is married to DElice Marango Mulimbalimba and together have 5 children namely Andrew Masururu Mulimbalimba,Elizabeth Nabindu Mulimbalimba,Elaine Victoria Kadetwa Mulimbalimba,JeanLuc Kahindja Mulimbalimba and SuzanneStella Mulimbalimba.They live together in Kinshasa.Every year the family has two months of mission work to help vulnerable people in several villages and rural area.

Luc Mulimbalimba was born in Luvungi village.His father was a medical officer and the mother a primary school teacher.He is the second born in a family of nine children.He went to primary school in Luvungi and finished in Bukavu at EP Ibanda.He attended secondary school in Bukavu and got a diploma in education then joined university in Bukavu at UEA Universite Evangelique en Afrique which is a Christian University then he got a degree in medicine.He went on to Kenya at ICIPE International Centre of Insect, Physiology and Entomology in Nairobi and Harvest Land Unibersity to specialize in Naturopathy and he continued with specialization in epileptology in countries like Holland and Italy.As at now Luc Mulimbalimba aids Luvungi General Hospital in administration and networking.

Luc Mulimbalimba is the first person to build a General Hospital,solar station,solar street light,Polytechnic school and women educational centre in Uvira District particularly in Luvungi.Through this activities Luvungi has been promoted to be a town,its no longer a village.

He initiate also a community and rural radio and television,community ambulance,and micro financing project for women in Uvira District especially Luvungi town.

Through the impact of all this activities in Uvira District,he was elected as Member of Parliament in 2011.