MHCD Mission in Health Care and Development is a NGO whose main objective is the reduction of infant mortality rates, promoting primary health care and poverty reduction. We have a 120 bed capacity Hospital in Luvungi village,Uvira District with different departments and services that help us in realizing these objectives and vision. Every day, we received very many children and women suffering from different diseases and 80% of them are not able to pay for medical care. Even though the services we offer are cheap and affordable but still many are not able to pay because they live much below the poverty line. This made us lack medicine and purchasing other medical materials was difficult and this has brought along so many challenges and difficulties because we were forced to offer them treatment since they did not have any other place to go to. This is why  we saw that we should focus on mother and child health.

After going through all the activities that we managed to realize via our website, there are some projects that we have began but were not able to complete due to lack of funds like theatre construction, continuing projects like the liberty surgical campaign, nutritional centre, education, wards construction at Luvungi Hospital and new projects like solar lighting. We have included the projects below here so you may understand them, those that we had already started and the ones that are continuing.

We are planning to carry out the following activities:


This program helps in providing proper, good and affordable health care to vulnerable and poor people living in Uvira district especially women and children. After receiving many patients at the MHCD Luvungi Hospital, we found out that there were many cases in need of different specialists. When we were sending them to go to other towns for treatment, they were unable due to the high costs of treatment, between USD150 –USD 500 of which they could no

t afford and most had to just go back to their homes to continue suffering their and some lost their lives. For example, operations for Hernia and appendix in Uvira are USD150, Goitre is USD 500 and there are no specialists for this in Uvira District so one has to travel outside town. Prostate surgery costs USD1000.This is quite a lot which the poor and vulnerable patients can never afford and this is why they just gave up and went to their homes to suffer from there.

This is why MHCD together with Luvungi Hospital started this program for the sake of providing free operations to vulnerable and poor people .We get specialists from Kinshasa and Nairobi in different domain’s especially gynaecology, paediatrics, surgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, neurology, orthopaedic, physiotherapy and anaethesists.They come to Luvungi MHCD Hospital for a month or two conducting

the operations and providing special care. Through this program, we have already assisted more than 8000 patients and operated more than 2500.

The campaign has brought huge impact on the community, many families that had separated due to diseases are now together, women who had been rejected in the communities are now integrated and living in peace with other people, it has brought peace,joy,reconciliation,hope,prosperity and poverty reduction in so many families and communities. Minor operations cost USD70, Standard operations cost USD150 and major ones cost USD300.


As Luvungi Hospital has hugely grown,we are in need of augmenting other buildings so it can be a real referral Hospital in Uvira District and the Great lake region of Africa because its of help not only to the Congolese but also to the neighbouring people of Rwanda and Burundi.In this year,we would like to construct a theatre,ward for women,men,nutritional centre,New reception that will have 2 consultation rooms,laboratory and Mortuary.

Since we began the liberty surgical campaign in June 2015,we received very many sick people of different cases in need of surgery.These people had suffered from different complications for so many days and could not afford funds to cover their medical care.Very many too lost their lives.Through the campaign,vulnerable and poor people of Uvira territory and even from other provinces of D.R.Congo and neighbouring  territories and countries like Burundi were operated on and this changed their lives and brought hope to and prosperity in their lives.Many of them can now go back tho their daily lives and this has led to a reduction in poverty and fighting hunger in so many families.

The challenge we are facing is that every day we are receiving people with different complications in need of operations at Luvungi MHCD Hospital.Our theatre has become small and we cannot manage to operate many people due to lack of space.

In bringing a solution to this,MHCD has a project of the construction of the theatre that will have 4 theatre beds,sterilised room;store room and ward for the patients that have been operated on.The building shall cost USD 20,000 ( AUD 28,000).MHCD already has equipments for the theatre donated from Australia.

The wards we have are small and are full everytime.Even some patients have to back to their homes to bring their mattresses so they can sleep on because when we ask them to go other hospitals they refuse because of the high cost there.In solving this problem,we are planning to construct 3 wards this year.One for women,another for men and another one for children suffering from malnutrition associated with malaria.It will be the second paediatric ward.Each will cost USD16000.

We kindly request generous people to help us in achieving this project. Any assistance shall be highly appreciated.


Democratic Republic of Congo is a country located in central Africa. The capital city is called Kinshasa, It is the second largest country in Africa after Algeria. It has more than 70 million people.Uvira district is one of the districts of D.R.Congo and it is located in South Kivu Province in the East of D.R.Congo.Since 1997 D.R.Congo has been affected so much by war and UN report estimates that more than 5 million people have  died in war. This number exceeds the number of people who died during the Second World War.

Currently war is over in D.R.Congo but another war has set in which is poverty. The war in Congo left very many orphans, widows and many young girls and women were raped. There are some isolated places with insecurity issues like Mutarula village.80% of Congolese practice subsistence farming. Due to insecurity, they are scared to go and farm and this has given rise to malnutrition. The orphaned children are leading very miserable lives, they do not have clothes, food and medical care and most still have lost lives due to poverty. Those lucky enough to be taken care of by relatives; it’s very very hard due to financial strains.

Ruzizi valley is located in Uvira District and there is no orphanage or children’s home in the whole area. Because of this, orphans are suffering so much due to lack of clothing, food and shelter. When MHCD staffs visited some of these children, they found they had severe malnutrition associated with anemia and malaria and most were dehydrated.

In finding a lasting solution to the problem and in saving the lives of orphans, MHCD initiated a project of constructing a city of hope children’s home. We are planning to construct 10 houses, each house with a sitting room,4 bedrooms and toilettes and will have a capacity to house 8 children. We will pick on widows with very difficult life to take care of the children. We shall be supporting the children and widows. We shall provide food, clothes, medical care and education for them. Our objective is to have them stay like a family so they cannot feel that they are in an orphanage. On their education, MHCD has a nursery and primary school where other orphans and vulnerable children are learning for free. So it will be very easy for them to learn in good conditions. We also have a hospital that will help in providing for the children good and quality healthcare.Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba, the MHCD Director donated the land where the houses will be constructed.


80% of the population in Uvira District practice Agriculture. Due to insecurity, many of them do not go to their farms and this caused very many children suffer from malnutrition due to lack of enough food. The orphaned and displaced children are the ones who are most vulnerable.MHCD has a nutritional centre in Luvungi and Kiliba that serves the children suffering from malnutrition. In 2017, we are planning to support 300 children and each shall have a budget of USD150 for full treatment and preventing malnutrition in their family.(USD 60 for nutritional food,USD40 medical care and USD50 for small business or agricultural projects that will help their families fight malnutrition and reducing poverty).When you support a child with malnutrition, you are supporting the whole family.


Micro hydro power station that we have been constructing is not yet complete. Even when it gets completed we shall be in need of solar lighting in order to save power.DRC is a Tropical country and there is much sun in Uvira which is capable of producing alot of power through solar. Nowadays in Africa, solar is very much priviledged.Micro hydro power will be of great benefit to the equipments at the Hospital since they require alot of power. Equipments like echography, Radiography, theatre lighting, sterilizer, dental radiography etc need lots of power. Solar cannot power them but solar will be of much help in lighting all rooms, wards and other hospital buildings, use at the laboratory for the equipments, security lights and we shall install specific solar lights at the theatre room and maternity so that during the night work can go on as normal and Doctors can carry out operations, midwives can deliver because it’s very hard to do this when we do not have fuel to run the generator. If we can get solar lighting, it will be a great solution because we are currently using generator and it’s costly in terms of fuel. Solar will also help in running Impact Radio which is a great instrument that helps in sensitizing to millions of people in poverty reduction and healthcare.

Solar lights will help improve security in Luvungi village. For now working at night is very hard because of darkness. Some children fall sick during the night and the mothers bringing them to the Hospital at that time is very very hard since they fear being raped and this leads to deaths.MHCD is planning to erect solar street lights on the main roads of Luvungi.This will help improve security especially at night, safe travelling for the women at night and for people to continue doing small business in the evenings or night that will help reduce poverty and improve life standard. In helping Luvungi have power, you will be saving lives of all people including women and children.Luvungi has a population of more than 40000 people so having power will help all this people reduce poverty and improve their daily lives.

Our desire is that in January- June 2017, we have a solar station at the MHCD Luvungi Hospital to help us as we have written above. All equipments including solar panels, batteries, bulbs, stabilizer etc will be costing USD 82, 000.This capacity will help install and give lights to all building at the Luvungi Hospital including street lights at the hospital and Luvungi village. We are kindly requesting for your support in this project so we can have lights because operating and helping expectant mothers give birth at night is becoming a challenge.


Many women in Uvira District carry loads of luggage on their backs or heads and they have to walk for more than 20km carrying luggage’s of close to 30kgs.This has caused chronic back pains, miscarriages and for others death. In bringing a solution to this problem,MHCD has commenced a programme called bicycle for health and development that distributes freely new and very strong bicycles to vulnerable women especially raped victims,widows,traditional midwives, girls who gave birth to children out of wedlock and community health workers.

MHCD are planning to distribute 1000 bicycles, one bicycle cost USD120.In providing bicycles to the women, you will be helping reduce poverty in the whole family and empower the women.

Dr.Luc has met women carrying heavy loads of luggges and he is sensitizing them on the danger sof the same.


This programme involves giving scholarships to young girls to learn midwifery. In DRCongo,we have a pigmies community that lives deep in the forests with no quick access to medical care and also other villages with no health centres.We chose 2 girls from 10 villages and those with secondary school education level who we enrolled in the midwifery school. When they finish education they will be going back to their villages and assist with deliveries, promote primary health care, family planning, immunizations and to train traditional midwives. We selected 20 students and each of them has to pay USD42 per month hence USD504 per year. When you support one student, you will be providing health care to more than 6000 people.


At MHCD Luvungi Hospital, as I had said before, we usually receive very many women and children and they come from poor families. It’s hard for them to contribute in the treatment and this makes the Hospital suffer lack of medicine and then maintenance becomes very difficult. Last year, we went through lots of ups and downs and its by the grace of God that we manage to pull out through. In bringing solution to this problem and help the Hospital to have a good future, we began a programme called community health insurance that’s a programme which we are thinking of looking for contributions and support for treatment for the women and children. We selected 2000 children and women and most of them are internally displaced and vulnerable. From our research, we saw that if we get USD 40 per person, it can help cover the medical bills per year. This is for the common diseases like malaria, worms, typhoid fever, maternity and general medical checkup. Many children and women are dying because they are seeking treatment very late when the disease is advanced.

If you support a child or a woman with 40 dollars, you will have helped provide for him or her medical care for a whole year. You can choose to support one or many children or women. This will be possible if we get support for many children at once because it will help us in the purchasing of medicine and store them.


Impact Radio and Television is a media department of MHCD that helped alot in the reduction of poverty,promoting peace and reconciliation,counselling raped victims who went through lots of suffering during the war,giving the population leisure through gospel music and comedies and sensitization and immunization,gender equality and other topics that promote women and childrens right.It has helped alot in the promotion of primary health care,birthing kits and epilepsy.80% of the population in Uvira District are Christians so Impact Radio and Television emphasizes on gospel and educational music and helps restore hope amongst the people through different shows.

When Uvira District was going through the toughest period of war and insecurity,Impact Radio and Television was the unique Radio that made sensibilization on peace,reconciliation and cohabitation amongst different tribes that live in Uvira District especially Ruzizi valley and Bafuliru Mountain.All of its journalists had to travel through hills and valleys interviewing peopleand recording different topics on the problems happening in different villages and looking for solution from the people.They also conducted open air meetings and Radio shows and many people used to testify showing to other people how their peace was restored through Impact Radio programs.All this when the journalists came back were aired on the impact Radio and it helped many people listen to testimonies from other people hence contributed alot in helping the people live together in peace and harmony.

Impact Radio was on the frontline in poverty reduction and fight against hunger.Journalists used to visit farmers who carried out successful farming projects and improved the standards of their families through the same,they carry out interviews on them inquiring on their secrets of success,the difficulties encountered and the results overall.They aired the same on Impact Radio and very many people were inspired by the successful stories leading them too to carry out successful agriculture.This helped in the reduction of hunger and poverty in many families and communities.

Another Impact of the media department was the promotion of primary health care and this saved lives of so many people.Diseases like Epilepsy,goitre,cleft lip and pallet,Fistula and many others.Many communities think that they are as a result of witchcraft or curse.This caused many people suffering from these diseases hide away in their homes and losing lives.Many families were separated and many of the women rejected from their families.This consequently led to divorce,stress,depression,many children resorted to living in the streets and others lived as orphans.Since Luvungi MHCD Hospital began the medical and surgical campaign,Impact Radio was a great instrument in educating the communities on the diseases showing them that they are the same as other diseases and could be operated on and treated.Many of the sick came as a result of the sensitization,they were treated and became well.When they went back to their homes,they testified in their communities,the testimonies were recorded and aired on impact Radio and this caused many patients again to come to the hospital to be treated.Most of them healed and it brought huge impact in many communities.Many families that had divorced or separated were brought together and stayed as one,many women,men and children who lived under stress and depression are well now and are back to doing their daily activities.Many of the children who were forced into the streets and out of their families were happily rejoined with them.This brought about joy,happiness and prosperity in many families and communities.Today,Impact Radio has a following of more than 50000 people everyday and we get testimonies day by day of people who were helped.

For the women and girls who were raped,most of them were rejected and lived under stress and so much difficulty.Impact Radio was on the frontline in counselling them and sensitizing the communities so they can integrate them.Most of them visited Luvungi MHCD Hospital and received treatment and are progressing well.Most of them too have since been integrated and are living in peace and harmony.Upto now,Impact Radio is continuing with the sensitization for the women and girls most affected in war.Their lives are continuing to change for the better.

Impact Radio and Television were instrumental in reducing immorality in many villages and communities.Most people in DRC are jobless,some try to create small activities to help them in the day to day living.In some villages,some people grouped together to purchase small television and decorders and they open up movie shows.For them to get more clients,they used to air pornographic contents.Most of the people who were targeted were the youth who are in the adolescent stage.this led to sexual activities amongst them hence unplanned pregnancies.In solving this problem,Impact Radio together with MHCD began a Television station and was called Impact Radio and Television.We distributed Tvs and small generators in each of the villages and the youth started viewing Impact Television educational movies other than going to the movie rooms airing pornographic contents.The money they could use to pay in the movie rooms were contributed and used to purchasefuel for the generators and had Impact Tv on for many hours and days.This reduced so much immorality and made the youth very responsible.Through the program,many movie rooms closed down and the business died.

From this report,you can see that Impact Radio and Tv has been very instrumental in reducing poverty and improving lives of people living in Uvira District but we still have a very big problem because Impact Radio and Television doesn’t have support.Some MHCD volunteers sacrifice to support the Radio program.We have also had the Zonta club of Adelaide Torrens in Australia through Jenny Weaver who support women journalists and programs and some of the achievements we have realised above are as a result of their support.We really appreciate all their efforts and sacrifice towards Impact Radio and Television.As you might realized,the activities connected to Impact Radio and TV have been huge and they require enough support to continue assisting other people.We do not have electricity in Luvungi so we are using fuel,our journalists require transport,Radio and Television materials for interviews and testimonies.We have a main station in Luvungi and branch in Uvira town and makobola that help us cover the whole of Uvira District including our neighbouring country Burundi and Rwanda.The budget for all this is USD3300 per month.We are kindly requesting all well wishers and volunteers reading this report to support us for the continuation of this noble course because as at now it’s going through lots of challenges and am fearing we might close it if we do not get enough support.Impact Radio and Television is also a branch of Bethesda Ministries International,we are also kindly requesting churches and ministries under BMI Australia to support this Ministry so it may grow and continue to save lives and help many people in Uvira District D.R. Congo.



This program is involved with sensitizing and educating women through Impact Radio and Television.80% of the population and women of Uvira District like listening to Radio every morning and evening.You will find during the evening after finishing their chores they sit in groups of two or three listening to Radio and having discussions.The big challenge is that the Radios that they were used to before in the Ruzizi valley and Bafuliru mountain were of neighbouring countries and they spoke in languages unknown to the people of Uvira.The radios were of Rwanda and Burundi.This is why we opened Impact Radio and it diffuses all its programs in the local language.We began the women for media program for the sake of fighting poverty,hunger and empowering women.We have women journalists who are trained in empowering other women and they usually have 30 minutes everyday on the Radio to air topics like microfinancing,agriculture,hygiene,how to use birthing kits,malaria prevention,waterborne diseases prevention,gender and general healthcare topics.This topics are so much loved both in Uvira and its surroundings.They have helped to change lives of women,for example,some women who heard successful stories of other women who were raped and are going on well in life,they came to the hospital,received treatment and are now progressing very well.Most of the young single mothers after listening to testimonies on the Radio too of other young single mothers were very encouraged and they opened up and came to the training centres to learn on various skills like tailoring,microfinancing etc.Many many villages have come to know of birthing kits and how to use them through Impact Radio and this in turn has reduced infant mortality rates and infections amongst many other benefits.Most of the women are aware of their rights through the gender program and their husbands are now respecting them from listening to the educative gender programs.This has brought peace,unity and has changed the lives of many women.There are many positive changes brought about by the women for media program has made and we are not able to list all of them here.We are grateful to the Zonta club of Adelaide Torrens for supporting this program.Your care and support have gone along way to positively change lives of so many people especially women.Our request is that you continue supporting the program and we request other generous people to please support the program so we may see if we are able to reach many women.


Thank you so much for giving your time to read this report. I believe you have understood the activities we managed to do in 2016.There are many other activities that we never achieved and that we have included in this report. Our desire is that we realize them in the year 2017.We trust God that through his strength and your support we shall make it.I kindly please request you if possible you forward the report to any willing person so they may know of the work MHCD is doing. You can also come up MHCD groups or clubs or fundraisings for the sake of MHCD projects. Volunteers too are very much welcome. Your prayers and advice will be highly appreciated. Again thank you very much for everything you are doing for us especially for accepting to be a friend and MHCD supporter.




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