MHCD has staffs who work tirelessly day and night with the main goal of reducing poverty,promoting primary Health care,reducing infant mortality,promting human rights and improving lives of people living in rural areas of DRC.

Each deparment has a leader and other assistants who help in accomplishing the set jobs.This makes work  easier and promote MHCD.

Our staffs come from different tribes,religion and villages.While at MHCD they become one and work as one and this promotes great cooperation and collaboration hence promoting MHCD.

MHCD is a christian organisation so all the staffs abide by good morals and lead lives of intergrity and this aids MHCD so much in its activities and to be one of the organisations thats revered and serves humanity.

When one comes to work with MHCD,he or she works with different people and this makes work easy.We even have staffs from our neighbouring countries and when they are at MHCD one cant tell if they are from another country.

Some of the staffs who are heading departments today were orphans and were helped in their education from primary to the university by MHCD.Today they have completed their education and are heading departments and administration work in MHCD.Others were affected by war or rape while others are single mothers but when MHCD picked them up and trained them on the microfinancing and other programs ;most of them work full time with MHCD or volunteer in different departments and this helps when they testify ,others who are going through the same problems have hopes of their lives becoming better.

Luvungi is the Headquarter of MHCD and there is a Hospital,Midwifery school,Technical college,Pamela community centre,Solar station,Impact Radio and Television,Counselling centre and Woodward place thats a guest house that helps women coming for different trainings.


Below are names and positions of Directors :

Dr. Luc Mulimbalimba Masururu

Founder and National Director .


Dellice Marango Mulimbalimba

General Secretary


Mutula Ruganiza Amani



Olivier Mihigo Mutche

Supervisor and Construction Leader


Amisi Kidata Fefe

School Head


Runane Kabazi Martin



Luhala Mbirize

Impact radio Program Director


Mamy Mirindi

Impact Radio vice program Director


Dr Kashindi Matthiew

Medical coordinator


Dr Amede Batuta

Medical Director of Luvungi Hospital


Dr Imani Kikano

Director of Staffs at Luvungi Hospital


Matumaini Tuma



Buloze Gabonaise

Vice Treasurer


Tubazalie Tambatamba La vie

Impact TV program Director


Kobiri Bigayanabyo Charles

School Secretary


Sulvie Masumbuko

School Treasurer


Bahati Biguma Guylain

North Kivu Province Leader


Byamungu Ruhanika

Tanganyika Province Leader

Dr. Luc together with Dr. Imani and Mutula distributing mosquito net.

Dr. Luc together with Dr. Julie and Bahati visiting Pigmies village in Goma.

Delice with pigmy traditional midwife.