After being affected by the natural disaster on the 16th to 17th of April 2020 that caused the deaths of more than 30 people in Uvira Town and more than 90 people in Uvira Territory, leaving more than 3500 people homeless in Uvira Territory.

The population of Uvira continues to suffer, they do not have food to eat, or places to sleep and those people affected spend the night outside and in classrooms while others in small makeshift tents. Each tent houses a family of 6 to 8 children and they have nothing. The women and children are the ones who are suffering so much. They sleep on the floor, without a mattress or blanket which causes illness and much suffering. They are in very difficult conditions. During the day the tents are very hot, the next 3 months in Uvira they will be experiencing hot and dry climate, and nights are very cold. This makes it very difficult for the children, the elderly and the expectant women. Most of them had good houses of their own but because of the floods everything was swept away and they are leading very difficult lives.

It’s unimaginable the conditions they are going through and we currently have some of them developing high blood pressure, stress, anxiety and if they do not get good medical care they may suffer from diabetes. MHCD staff and Bmi D.R.Congo church leaders visit them once per week to encourage them, pray and advise them on different issues.

For the many times when the staff visit them they have found out that they suffer heavily from malnutrition, malaria, typhoid fever and waterborne diseases. They drink untreated river water and we fear that they might suffer heavily from Cholera if it ever strikes. This is why MHCD wrote an email to the BMI and MHCD friends in Australia.

After sending the report of food we distributed to MHCD staff, We were very happy to receive an email from Bethesda ministries International Australia that there is one of the BMI churches that donated money to supported the affected victims with food. When we informed the MHCD staff in Uvira they were very happy for the help that was coming at the right moment in time. The help came at a time when the flood victims were in need of food and medical care. The staffs visited them at different sites and informed them of the good news and were happy to hear that God touched brethren from Australia to remember them after a very difficult time.

They directly went to the market and bought 10 tones of food (5 tones of rice and 5 tones of beans). They went to the different sites and distributed the food. Each family received 10 kg of rice and 10 kg of beans. We distributed food to 500 families thus assisting more that 3000 people who are members of the families. They were very happy to receive the food, the women and children were very happy the whole night. It was a huge blessing to them to see people remembering them from as far as Australia and they asked as to thank those who remembered them in the difficult moment. They were also grateful to Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba and family who have continually looked for the best for them.

We also distributed mattresses to pregnant women, widows and women who have children. We decided to purchase the mattresses for them because when MHCD staffs visited them they found babies sleeping on reed mats on the floor, also expectant women who were sleeping down on the floor. They had complained of back and joint pains and they had said they are not even sleeping because of the poor sleeping condition. The same was for the elderly. We thought it will be good to purchase few mattresses and then distribute to women with small children and the expectant ones. We bought 30 mattresses that we distributed but we still some more because there are still many in the same situation. We first gave to the ones with small children/infants. Their mothers were very happy to get the gifts. They testified that at least their children will be sleeping on mattresses that will help alleviate diseases or infections that might have come their way. They were very grateful to BMI Australia for supporting them with mattresses.

We thank you very much for your prayers and support.God bless you so much.Please continue to praying for us.


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