I would like to thank the population of Uvira Territory in general and Luvungi village in particular as well as MHCD friends from Australia who participated morally,materially and physically at the funeral of my late biological Father Mr. KAHINDJA MASURURU ANDRE who died on 31 of May 2020 at the Ruhigita Clinic of Bukavu at 9:00 am Bukavu time following a short illness.

My father is a hero to me,he trained me medicine for the first time before going to University.It was him who showed me for the first time how to administer drugs to patients,perform injections,transfusions and infusions etc

Today I am a Medical Doctor,Politician,Pastor,MP and Community Development Leader courtesy of my father.I really thank you Baba,Mzee,Papa,Father KAHINDJA MASURURU ANDRE for your love,care and support.You have been near me during good and difficult times and I will never forgotten you Dad.


My father is the one who gave me the idea for the first time to go invest and start community development activities in Luvungi my native village /Uvira Territory.

Mzee Kahindja Masururu Andre came for the first time to visit me in Bungoma Kenya,he had seen the clinic I had built for the first time in my life and many community development activities that I was doing.After Kenya,He visited again my mission activities in Kaziba and Luwindja,he was again impressed by the community development and medical work I was doing in the Walungu Territory.

After seeing all the good work I was doing,my father said and I quote,”My son you are intelligent,you have a passion for helping vulnerable people,you are very committed to what you are doing.Everytime I visit you ,I see the good work you are doing,but I want to tell you something,Know that you are from Luvungi/Uvira.People there have just come from war and the rebels took everything in the villages,people are suffering so much,Please know that their are your brothers and sisters who suffer in Luvungi and Uvira Territory.I ask you to go there and start something in Luvungi. People there need help and support and I hope that If you visit Luvungi,you will see that it’s a lot different to other places you are working and helping people. I request that you to kindly go back to your village,your native village Luvungi.” After receiving all advice from my father,I accepted to go to Luvungi for the first time. We went down to Luvungi with him and my brother Freddy for the first time.Arriving in Luvungi,I discovered that everything my father had told me was true. There was so much need than in Kenya or Bukavu region.I found that they need a hospital,good schools,medical school and university there.I decide to come and live in Luvungi with my family so that together we could bring community development in the village.

Today we have managed to build more than 35 buildings in Luvungi including 150 beds hospital,Polytechnic and Midwifery schools,University,Solar station,Solar street lights,etc courtesy of the advice of Dad Kahindja Masururu Andre.

I thank you very much for the idea of bringing development in Luvungi you gave me.

This is why we decided as a family together with MHCD Leaders to bury you Dad in Luvungi especially at the MHCD Headquarters,Also it is because you are among the founders of MHCD  and I assure you Dad that I will build a monument for you in Luvungi in remembrance of all the inspiration you imparted on me on developing Luvungi village so that all who will be visiting Luvungi may Know all the good you contributed to my life, family and that of MHCD.

I love you very much my father,May you rest in peace.I will never forget you,you are a monument for us,a hero for us your children and the whole population of Uvira that you served for a long time.

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