In the night of 16th t0 17th of April 2020 we had a natural disaster in Uvira town   and Ruzizi Valley that has killed more than 30 people and destroyed many houses. The Mulongwe River flooded, broke its banks and destroyed several houses killing and injuring many people. Some unknown numbers were carried by the waters into Lake Tanganyika while others were buried alive under the debris.

After continually being affected by the corona virus pandemic, now it was the natural disaster that has killed innocent people.

Among the people who died are children and women. According to MHCD Uvira, several families have been displaced and were in need of shelter, food and medicines.

After MHCD rescue team were informed concerning the situation, the Hospitals’ ambulance was dispatched together with some doctors and nurses. On arrival at Kasenga and Mulongwe where there was great destructions, they found some people who were injured as houses came down and others drowned. They saved them and took the alive ones to hospitals in Uvira town while the dead were taken to mortuaries. The rain started at around midnight and the ambulance worked throughout the night into the following day. We are so grateful to the youths and the Red Cross Uvira who assisted the MHCD team to do the evacuations. Uvira population in particular and D.R. Congo at large were very grateful for the work that MHCD team did during the terrible floods. Many individuals and organizations sent in letters of appreciation for a work well done. Most people were inspired and said if the Uvira District could have had even 3 ambulances like those ones maybe a great number of people could have been saved. Most of the survivors testified and thanked the MHCD team and ambulance for the good work they did in saving their lives without which they could have drowned. We request the St. Johns Ambulance Australia to please support us with another ambulance so they can continue to save lives of many people in D.R. Congo. Thank you very much for the ambulance that you gave us that has brought hope and healing in the tragedy we faced.

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