Mission in Health Care and Development work in DRC is going on well except for the Corona Virus Pandemic that has caused so much fear amongst people. DRC now has 207 cases, 20 deaths and 10 who have healed. Comparing the sick and the ones who have lost lives, it shows that DRC is at a very high risk. In South Kivu there are already 3 cases all in Bukavu.

Most people have been badly affected because of hunger, most people are going without food. 80% of Congolese people live under a dollar per day and usually it’s from hand to mouth. The government has told people not to move around, that they should stay in their homes and they do not provide any food or anything for them so the situation is becoming critical.

We have seen it will be good to prevent and take care of the MHCD staffs before the virus reaches in Uvira especially for those in the health department. Borders have been closed and prices for essential commodities in the market have been tripled.

In preventing Corona virus in Uvira Territory, We are very happy to inform you that Luvungi MHCD Tailoring School Student and Teachers have started making face masks locally in Luvungi/Uvira with the aim of fighting against Corona virus disease.

We have 6 students and 2 teachers, in total 8 people who work more than 10 hours every day to manufacture these face masks. Their objective is to make 10,000 face masks in one month.

They need your prayers and Support. They use MHCD hall called Pamela Community Centre to make the face masks.


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