Uvira Territory is located in the East of DRC. Its the only district in the whole of DRC with 4 neighbouring countries namely Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Zambia through Lake Tanganyika. Its geographic position makes it so prone to war. Most wars that have affected DRC have started from Uvira. Most people lost lives, many girls and women raped and lots of peoples wealth stolen away leaving them very poor. The only way MHCD thought that could bring good future was through education. Uvira District had never had University only colleges. Because of this, many high school students when they finished their studies could move out of Uvira to Bukavu, Lubumbashi, Kisangani and Kinshasa where there were universities so they could learn. People from poor backgrounds could not afford to go to Universities because of the high costs. This caused backward development in the whole of Uvira Territory. In bringing solution to this problem, MHCD started a university called Uvira Community University which is a community and proximal university whose main objective is to reduce poverty, fighting hunger, promote human rights, Promote primary healthcare and provide cheap health care in the villages, promote peace and reconciliation amongst different tribes in Uvira District and promoting agribusiness which will enable people earn income from agriculture. The mission is to fight ignorance through education which will help communities to become self sufficient. Train youths who after their education will be able to go back to their villages and transform lives. The vision is to see the youths taking up the frontline in development and leadership positions and to improve lives of people leaving in DRC. 

We started the construction of the 2 buildings with 9 classrooms in January 2019.We finished the construction in August 2019.The building was funded 80% by Lucs family and 20% by MHCD friends and supporters from Australia. The university has 2 campuses, one in Luvungi at MHCD Headquarters and another in Uvira town but this year we started with Luvungi campus. The University has various faculties as named below but this year we started with three faculties namely Agronomy, medicine and Information technology.

We really thank Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba who took the initiative of opening the University in Uvira which is the first University in Ruzizi valley and Bafuliru mountain. Despite all the problems Dr.Luc and Delice faced from June to December this year, the University was opened in October 2019 amidst all the financial challenges. We thank the team on ground in Luvungi who worked tirelessly to see the University opened and running. Most of the students are accommodated at the MHCD Woodward place and the Pamela community centre is the auditorium. 

Uvira Community University opened in October 2019 and has 75 students. It offers the following faculties: Computer sciences, information technology, Agronomy, management and Economics, Law, political and administration science, medicine and Faculty of psychology and Education. Its registered with the ministry of Higher education and the board heading Universities in DRC.

As we had said earlier on, it has good lecture rooms that have been recently constructed and completed. The rooms have chairs and tables from Australia. It has one of the best computer laboratories in Uvira District and internet. At the MHCD Headquarters, there are guest houses that will be accommodating visiting professors plus other volunteers.

The Chancellor is Prof. Stanislas Baleke. He is a Doctor in Anthropology and education. Head of information technology department. Is Tom Cecil, the Director of Computer for Congo Australia. It was launched by Rev. Peter Frogley , the international Director of Bethesda Ministries International.

Other objectives of the University is to train Youths and women who will be able to reduce poverty, speak for the less fortunate and bring change and development in their village.

Uvira Community University plans to extend some building this year. The nine rooms we are using is being shared with the students from the MHCD technical school so we need to construct other rooms that will be used solely by the University. We need a library building ,offices, dining hall for students, more accommodation, toilets and bathrooms and a computer lab to house at least 200 computers. The fees is USD 500,same with the midwifery school so they could learn without any  problem but because all of them are coming from poor backgrounds, they cannot afford this money even if it’s cheaper  in comparison to DRC higher education costs. We decided to give them scholarships but we have not found supporters to help. We kindly please request well-wishers to support the students so they can be able to complete their programs

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