Sange Dietschs Academy (School) is located in Sange village, Uvira territory, South Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  The village had a terrible tragedy a few years ago.  A petrol tanker overturned and exploded sending a huge fireball through the very centre of the village.  Over 200 people died and many were left badly burned.  Many houses were destroyed and this has had an ongoing effect on the village to this day.  The villagers had already been suffering and were badly affected by the war and then the explosion and deaths were a further tragedy and brought more suffering for them. The fire and the war left many children orphaned in Sange village and many of them have been suffering from malnutrition because of lack of food.  Others have been dying from diseases as they do not have the money to afford medical care.

When hearing of all these problems, Dr Luc Mulimbalimba and Nathan Dietsch decided to start a Nursery School in Sange.  Since we started the Nursery School we have been receiving more and more pupils each year. The School has been growing and now we have not only a Nursery School but also a Primary School.   We are happy to inform you that many children have completed Primary school and joined Secondary school.  Others, after completing primary school, joined Technical Colleges and learned skills like carpentry, masonry and they are now providing for their families.  Last year others completed their secondary school education and now have a National Diploma.  Others are planning to join University next year.  We thank Nathan Dietsch very much for supporting this school for all these years.  Your support has been making a huge difference to the lives of these children.  You have supported not only those orphans but have also supported the whole village.  Thank you so much as Sange School has become one of the best programmes we have as there are very few challenges or problems because of your ongoing support.  We really appreciate your help.

We also provide medical care for those children who are sick.  We have also provided food for those who are malnourished. The Nutrition Programme has become very important and we have been receiving and feeding other children in the area who are suffering from malnutrition as well as children from the Sange School.  At present we are thinking of building a Nutrition Centre so that this project can become a village/community programme.  The School has brought joy, unity and reconciliation in the village and the villagers are very proud of their school.

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