Luvungi educational Fund is a program helping students learning at the Luvungi technical and secondary school successfully complete their studies. Most of the students are vulnerable and come from poor backgrounds. Others have been affected by war. We have young girls who were raped during war, orphaned and street children. Some of the young girls who were raped fell pregnant and gave birth hence we also have single mothers at the school. Most of them came to join the school with alot of trauma. We managed to give them counselling while offering free medical care and they joined school. Our school is polytechnic and we have departments like tailoring, information technology, mechanics, social studies and pedagogy. The courses enable them to get skills that can help them be self employed or get small work that can help them support some of their siblings. In 2019,our school was one of the best in Uvira District because at the National examination, all the students in the pedagogy and IT classes passed. Some tried to look for jobs while others joined university. Last academic year in 2018/2019 we had 1600 students, in this year 2019/2020,we have 1100 students and the school is going well. Luvungi educational Fund is managed by Pastor Darren and the Highlands Christian church Mittagong which is a branch of Bethesda Ministries international. We thank them for the good work they are doing of providing education to the vulnerable people of Uvira. We thank also Pastor Peter Frogley and entire church members of Ginnindera Christian church Canberra for supporting Luvungi educational fund and other MHCD projects. We thank too Nathan Dietsch for supporting Luvungi Community Canteen which provide food to the teachers of MHCD, including Sange Dietsch School. May God bless you all. While reading the report you will find alot on the Luvungi educational Fund and MHCD primary  secondary and polytechnic school.

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