This program involves the distribution of new and strong bicycles to vulnerable women and girls. Women are on the frontline in poverty reduction and raising living standards of their families in D.R.Congo.The problem is that due to poverty, they have to travel for very long distances by foot carrying with them heavy loads of upto 50kgs on their backs and heads so they can feed their families and get some money. This brings forth for them chronic backaches, headaches, migraine and gynaecological disorders and some even lose their lives.

In finding a solution to all this, we started the program bicycle for health and development where we distribute new and strong bicycles to vulnerable women especially widows, raped victims and young single mothers. We also distribute to traditional midwives and community health workers so it can help them in improving health care in their villages.

Bicycles help in carrying the heavy loads instead of carrying them on the heads and backs, fetching water from the rivers and transportation of sick people as an ambulance. One bicycle costs USD120 and we have already distributed more than 100 bicycles. Our vision is to distribute 1000 bicycles by the end of the year 2016.

Supporting one woman with a bicycle is reducing poverty in her family.

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