Katogota is a village located in Uvira territory.This is a village that has suffered so much before of massacre during one of the Congos wars.The Rebels from our Neighbouring country stormed into the village and butchered almoste everyone. Many women and girls were raped even young children of under 10 years.Most of the houses were burnt down,belongings were taken away and those who managed to escape have lived in trauma and stress.Its been a very difficult history to erase from their minds.

To help console the village come back to normal life,MHCD started many activities for the sake of improving life starndards of the people in the community.We distributed pigs  and created fish ponds for them as one of the microfinancing programs and we gave them some microfinances for the sake of carrying out small businesses for the women.They sell small things like dried fish,vegetables,charcoal,fruits,sweetpotatoes etc.Though this,it helps them in their day to day lives and they can take their children to school and have some food on their table.

The big challenge they faced was lack of a market building from where they could carry out their transactions.They used to sell just in the open by the roadside with no table to put their goods.It was very challenging in terms of hygiene.Also during the rainy season,they could not go and sell because of the weather,and during extreme sunshine too they couldn’t get to go to the market.This caused a stall in their progress.

In bringing a solution to all this,MHCD had a meeting with the women leaders and they requested for a market building from where they could be selling their goods.From their times of selling the first batch of pigs and the fish together with those who had been carrying out small sells,they had contributed together part of their profits that they had been putting aside so they could build a market.Also Dr.Luc and Delice Mulimbalimba contributed some money and we are very happy to let you know that we managed to build a community market in Katogota village.The market os called The Market of Martyrs in remembrance of the fallen villagers.

When we launched the market,everyones eyes were filled with tears of joy because we never imagined that we could build a community market in Katogota village.The market has been a solace to them and as a mark of peace,unity and reconciliation.We are so grateful to all those who contributed towards the success of this project.Our sincere gratitudes goes to the Rotary clubs of Wagga Wagga who supported the pig project last year,Dr.Elaine and John Dietsch,Rev.Peter Frogley,Darren,MHCD Australia support Association members,BMI churches in Mittagong and Canberra and all those who when they visited Luvungi went to Katogota village to talk to the victims,encouraged and prayed for them and supported them.Your presence was a great consolation and they managed to work hard for the sake of their village.We are grateful too to all those who have through the years supported those who have suffered in war and we haven’t written them down individually,may you know that you are soo dear to the people and we appreciate so much your efforts.


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