Mission in Health Care and Development has a midwifery school.The vision of the school came about during one of the trainings of our Birthing kits train the trainer projects.Many students came for the training for three weeks and they expressed interest to do a full course so they could become fully trained midwives.The Government aprooved the school and gave us the registration,we started the school and in September last year 2018 the first lot graduated with a Diploma in Nursing and Midwife and all of them went back to the villages helping the sick.The work they are doing is very good and we are receiving testimonies everyday from the villagers and leaders.They do not only help deliver babies but also consult,do pre natals and post natals,conduct immunizations,treat women and children on the common diseases like malaria,typhoid and also do family planning on women.They work as medical officers in their villages and since they had lots of practicals at the Luvungi Hospital,it exposed them to different kinds of challenges and they are able to handle some of the most difficult challenges and the communities are very happy about that and they appreciate them so much.

Even though they are doing a good job,at the Luvungi MHCD grounds we do not have perment buildings for the midwifery school.They usually learn in the afternoos in the same building as those that the Secondary students learn from which is very challenging to the students and lecturers.To solve this problems,MHCD together with MHCD Australia support Association came up with a plan last year and one of the activities was to build 6 classrooms for the  midwifery school.In March 2019 I was lucky to visit Australia and did some fundraising and we managed to get funding for constructing one classroom.We have seen that getting all the money at once to construct the 6 classes will be quite a challenge and so we have decided to do it progressively.The classroom was build and looks very nice.When the midwifery students saw it coming to a completion they were very very happy.They sang and danced because of so much joy.It was a great joy for them to see their own classroom.The classroom is big and well constructed and the class with the highest number of students are the ones who will use it and they are the first years who are many so they are the ones using it.In DRC,a nursing program runs for 4 years so we are still in need of other 3 classes;offices and technical room.This will make a total of 6 classes we needed.

We really thank all MHCD friends and supporters who contributed in one way or another so we could get funds for constructing the first class.Our sincere gratitudes goes to the entire team of the MHCD Astralia support Association members who worked day and night to raise money through the quiz night,Father Thomas and the Mt.Barker Anglican church for their selfless fundraising,Zonta club of Central Goldfields,Zonta club of Berry,Rotary club of Como,P and S Dundas,Robert Couper,Ginnindera Christian Church,Pastor Raff Shaw and the entire congregants of Momentum Church.We sincerely appreciate all your efforts and sacrifice.Through your generosity,we have managed to construct one classroom and we really appreciate that.

We kindly please request you not to faint at heart but to kindly consider again supporting the construction of the classes project.Your contribution towards this project will help save lives and improve Health care services for many people living in DRC.We shall send this report together with the financial one and the receipts so you can see how the money was used.100% of your donations went into the classroom construction,not even a dollar was used on administration.This is how MHCD works,all the donations go to the specified projects.Again many thanks for your support,love and care and may God bless you.


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