This was conceptionalised by Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba and Built by Professor from the National University of Arts in Kinshasa. MHCD thought of the monument as a show of gratitude to many Australians who have hugely contributed to the saving of lives of many people in Uvira District and also in thanking the Australian Government for supporting Dr.Lucs vision and MHCD. It’s the first monument in DRC showing friendship between Australia and DRC.

The monument costs were fully supported by Dr. Luc and family. We are so grateful for all the letters sent over by the Australian Government Dept. of Foreign affairs that recognised and thanked for all the work we are doing in DRC and the letters were read out by Dr. Julie Monis Ivett and Jenny Weaver. We are so so grateful to the MHCD friends who came all the way from Australia to participate in the launching ceremony that was held in Luvungi 24thAprill 2018.We had Dr. Julie Monis Ivett-Director, Birthing kits Foundation Australia and Chair of MHCD Australia support Association. Jenny Weaver-Chair of Birthing Kits Foundation Australia and Treasurer of MHCD Australia Suppor Association, Rev. Peter Frogley-Director of Bethesda Ministries International Australia. Ivan Lloyd, Shirley Lamb  and Elle Brown.

Rev. Peter Frogley was very grateful for the work that Australians have done in D RCongo and he prayed for continued good cooperation between DRC and Australia.Julie and Jenny thanked MHCD for all its activities on behalf of the Australian Government and they congratulated Dr.Luc. They also gave him a trophy and an Australian Flag.

The monument has 4 statues that represent family, holding hands and on the move. Both adults have a flag each, one of DRC and another of Australia. They signify the friendship of DRC and Australia and that Development and collaboration is ongoing .Also we shall continue to work for positive changes and better lives in the DRC.DRC Government was represented by the Executive Secretary of the South Kivu Government and many other leaders from Uvira District. There were also hundreds of people from Luvungi who came to participate in the ceremony. After ceremony people sang and danced and they were very happy. We also had a communal lunch. It was a great day and all people enjoyed.

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