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Am very happy to inform you that my vision of electrifying Luvungi and the MHCD Hospital has been a reality.We started the project since 2012 and we began with the construction of the micro hydro power station that had technical problems and we never succeeded in getting power.By good luck we received an engineer from Belgium who came to visit the Micro hydro power,he found that there is lots of sunlight in Luvungi and he advised that we put solar station and street lights other than completing the micro hydropower project because the solar station is cheap and doesnt have many complications with maintainance and he was very sure that the project will be a success

He put me in contact with a Belgium Chinese company specialised in solar stations and street lights who came and researched and directly i ordered equipments from China.I visited Australia and was in contact with Pastor friends from Bethesda Ministries international Australia(Pastor Darren,Dean and Steve) based in Sydney who were also electricians and they accepted to come and train congolese technicians on Electricity and reassembling solar equipment so we can get street lights.The team from Australia came and began their work in Luvungi.They taught congolese technicians on a wide variety of topics and helped them technically in reassembling the street lights and installing them on the avenue.They also did wiring of the mortuary and one hospitalisation ward.


For the success of the project and its maintainance,I had opened a training centre on Electricity in Luvungi at MHCD Compound,we picked two youths and electricians from different villages and centres of Uvira who came and trained for 3 months on Solar and Electricity.We signed a partnership contract with a national government institute called INPP national institute  for proffessional preparations that helps congolese youths in doing different trainings on technical jobs.They came and trained our youths with their equipments that were of great help.We had 15 students amongst them one lady.They spent the three months and had a good experience in helping them supervise and do all activities on the electrification at the Hospital.

The MHCD Students with Dr. Luc, Delice, Peter and the Electricians from Australia

Before the solar station,it was very difficult to carry out tasks at the Luvungi Hospital at night.Doctors carried out operations by use of torches,women gave birth at the maternity by use of torches,consultation and administration of medicines at night was very difficult,even women coming to the Hospital at night was a big problem because of lots of insecurity

MHCD Doctors operating using a torch.

y good luck I invested so much energy,time and finances in this project and we managed to purchase equipments that helped solve the above problems.We were blessed to get Electricians from Australia who came to volunteer and gave their time so we could get electricity.Engineers from china and Belgium came and installed the solar station and street lights we had ordered from them.

Assembling of solar street lights

The Container from China arrive in Luvungi

When the container full of solar equipment and street lights arrived,the Luvungi population was very happy.They danced and jumped the whole day and they escorted the container upto the MHCD Headquarters.When they saw me,they were filled with so much joy and they lifted me for more than 2 kms singing and dancing because they never believed that the container can come.It was like a surprise because they had been waiting for Electricity in Luvungi for more than 5 years.The container was unloaded at the MHCD Luvungi for free.

Luvungi community lifting up Dr. Luc because of so much joy

The container arriving at MHCD Headquaters,people are celebrating.

The Luvungi community offload the container

Engineers from Australia together with the technicians from Congo were very happy to work together and the Luvungi population was very glad to see them installing the poles on the avenues.Engineers from China continued with the installation of the street lights from China on the national road numer 5 which is a centre town of Luvungi and they installed the solar station.Luvungi community were very happy to see the input of different nationalities come to help them put electricity in their town

Dean and Congolese electricians are installing street lights poles and wiring one of the hospital wards.

Engineer Ling from China installing streetlights in the main street of Luvungi.

The community is celebrating electricity for their first time in Luvungi

After 6 months ( 3 months of traning  and 3 months of  working),finally Luvungi has been electrified by street lights for more than 4 kilometres and there is electricity 24hours at the Hospital.Doctors no longer operate using torches,they have electricity.Women are delivering in good conditiond even at night and all medical equipments are working.Women and sick children can safely come to the Hospital at night because there are street lights that light from 6pm to 5 am.At night on every pole women and youth are carrying on with their business of selling food and this reduces hunger and poverty and improve economy and living standards.

Street lights has brought about improvement in economical activities.As you can see from the above photos,their are people selling different merchandaise on every pole.This helps in reducing hunger and poverty and make women and youth busy.

This is one of the big realizations that MHCD has done in Luvungi because electricity is the key to development.We do not believe ourselves that this could be a reality.Thank you very much for all your advice,love,care and support that has led us this far.Today Luvungi is electrified.Its looking like a small town at night.Solar lights has brought hope,prosperity and development in the town

Eng. Ling from China and congolese technicians installing the solar station.

Eng. Ling installing solar batteries and other equipments in solar house

Power is on at the Solar station, Dr. Luc, Jun and Eng. Ling celebrating.

Dr. Luc and Dellice at the solar station and power house.

MHCD Doctors are operating with solar lights

Luvungi community visiting solar station

The Governor of South Kivu Province launching the power station.

The mortuary that MHCD received recently uses solar power 24 hours.Its the only mortuary in the Ruzizi valley and the Bafuliru mountains that helps the community in conserving bodies.

The MHCD medical officer checking up the microscope that also uses solar power.All equipments in the laboratory are now functioning with the help of the solar energy

The electrical students with their instructor plus the chinese Engineers for a family photo.They worked day and night so that Luvungi maybe lit.

MHCD Solar street Light


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