A wise man once said instead of giving me fish to eat,teach me how to fish and when I know I will be eating fish everyday .On the basis of the above,we at MHCD Mission in Health Care and Development , Democratic Republic of Congo have come up with the education fund for the sake of equipping vulnerable women ,orphan and youth with basic education skills that will make them profitable to the outside world.

War,diseases and hunger brought about many deaths in D.R.Congo.UN reports that more than 5 million people lost their lives.Uvira District is one of the Districts of D.R.Congo that was much affected.Many young girls and women were raped,men,women and children died and many single mothers and widows who are going through life tough because of poverty.Many children are orphaned and some of the teenagers and youths are resorting to unwanted societal behaviours all that due to poverty and lack of education.

When MHCD saw this gap in the society of non active youths who were turning rowdy,Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba together with MHCD started the MHCD Luvungi Educational fund that will be able to cater for the education of the very many orphans,vulnerable girls and single mothers plus the street children and the youth.

We built a secondary school in Luvungi that offers technical skills like tailoring,mechanics,information technology,social studies,agriculture and electricity.

The programs are very good because they are prepairing the students for the job market and most of them when they finish they will be able to be self sufficient in a small period of time.

The Luvungi technical college has over 800 students          in dire need of education .Most of them have taken up full responsibilities for their siblings and its tough for them because their parent died during war or in other circumstances .Educating them will be saving their lives and that of the whole families .

Machozi joins the tailoring school.She had been raped at the age of 8 years by 3 rebels.She was very traumatised and rejected by the community.She is an orphan too because she lost her parents during war.She had been going through very difficult times taking responsibility of her 3 siblings.Due to insecurity in her village she was forced to come back to Luvungi where there is security and she got enrolled into the tailoring school and currently she is looking for wellwishers to fund her education.

Mapatano is an orphan.He is 13years of age and at the second year level at the Luvungi MHCD polytechnic school.He used to miss school every now and then.When we tried to find out why,he said he spends most days without any food and he even doesnt have a uniform and he is embarrased to wear his tattered rugs to school.He said when the hunger bites hard he goes  local restaurant to wash dishes so he can be given some small meal of 20 cents.He says if he doesnt go to look for food he never gets it and he does the same thing again to help with his education which has proved very difficult to him because he works hard and misses class and cant even get 10 dollars to pay per month at the school.

We have many stories like this and each one is unique.Most of our students come from very poor backgrounds and are going through unimaginable difficulties.This is why the objective of the fund is to look for well wishers who will help fund education for these poor and vulnerable students.

Education fees for one student is USD120 per year.The technical program for those coming direct from primary schools is 6 years because the secondary school curriculum for students is 6 years.For those who never completed secondary school its 3 years.We also have a certificate course for those who never got a chance to attend secondary school that runs from 6 months to 1 year .

Testimonies :

My name is Bora,am 23years old .I was raped when I was 9 years of age.Rebels came at home and I was raped infront of my parents and they even raped my mother infront of our father and us the children.This affected so much the marriage between my parents and they separated.Men in our village never wanted to see me and everywhere I went I was rejected.My life was soo painful and I cried everyday.I was forced to move out of my village to another village so I could live a peaceful life but i twas impossible.I continued to suffer until i heard from the impact Radio that a technical college has been opened in Luvungi and its helping raped girls and women.I took courage to join the college for a certificate course and I studied electricity,i finished after 6 months and as at now I have my job.Am leading a peaceful life,people in my community respect me and am taking care of my siblings.Am so grateful to MHCD for supporting my education.    


My name is Belinda,am 17 years of age.We used to stay in a town called Goma in the North Kivu province with my parents.Goma is almost 500km from Luvungi.In 2013 M23 rebels came into Congo from Rwanda and seized Goma town and the surrounding villages.Many people died .When there was too much shootings and bullets in Goma,we had to run for our lives.I was 12 years old then.While we were running,we lost contact with each other as a family as there were very many people.I had known from earlier childhood stories that my parents came from Uvira so I decided to go to Uvira to look for my family and I walked for over 500kms on foot eating from bushes leaves and if am lucky wild fruits.Sadly on my way at some point I met with 3 men who at first appeared to sympathize with my situation little had I known what they had on their minds.In a twinkle of an eye I was being raped.This affected me alot and has traumatised me from ever since.It was soo bad such that if I saw any man whatsoever I could run for my life thinking I will be raped once again.I tried my best to walk with all that pain till I reached Uvira.By good luck some good samaritans told me stories of how good the Luvungi MHCD Hospital was in helping people and I decided they take me there and I was treated for free.When I was completely healed,i twas hard for me to survive because I knew no relative and I have never known the whereabouts of my parents upto today.I think maybe they died.MHCD were very sympathetic and they accepted to enrol me in their technical college where am learning social studies today and they have also given me accomodation at the compound.They have become a family and right now am in my fourth year secondary school.My vision is that when I finish I may be able to help girls in situations like I was in and who are going through unexplainable moments.Am at peace now and very joyous and I feel a mat home with the MHCD fraternity.The only problem is that I dont have any scholarship and am requesting people with generous and compassionate hearts to support me and very many other students whose situations are even difficult than mine.

Thank you very much for reading this newsletter concerning MHCD Luvungi educational fund.The school has been a source of hope ;peace and encouragement to many girls and youths and we are so proud of that.Since there are very many girls and single mothers with similar situations,our finances are limited and our hearts break for the girls.This is why we are coming before you to request for your support in this,to help restore peace,joy and a future to very many girls who otherwise could have been wasted by the past bad happenings in their lives.


For more information concerning this program, please contact :

Dr. Luc Mulimbalimba

Email :

Tel :+243 994 931 840

Mutula Ruganiza Amani


Tel :+243 993 861 005


Below is a bank account number details should you wish to support this educational program.And we say thank you so much in advance.We will make sure that every cent sent towards the educational program of the students will be used for the same purpose.Kindly please too may we know through email of your contributions and sponsorship and we shall gladly say thank you.We shall also keep you informed of the progress of the students and school.

Bank account details :

Bank : NAB National Australia Bank

Account : MHCDASA

BSB : 085436

A /C : 39 842 6510

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