The idea of starting up this school came from students of the midwifery training of trainers program (Birthing kit training program). After enjoying the topics they learnt and on seeing how they were able to reduce infant mortality rates in their villages through trainings and birthing kits distribution, they requested MHCD to open a midwifery school that will enable young girls from the poorest villages with no funds for education to come learn on midwifery and we saw that it was a good idea and we decided to open a small college that will ensure continued training.


The school is based in Luvungi village the MHCD Headquarters at the MHCD Luvungi Hospital buildings. Our community workers and village elders carried out an investigation and they picked on two girls from each village and they came to study nursing and midwifery. They picked on young girls who have a secondary school diploma and those who have no money. Many of them are orphaned and they come from remote villages. Among them were girls from the pigmies’ community. There are some other villages that selected a girl and a boy.

MHCD Midwifery students.

After training the students will go back to their villages and help MHCD in promoting the primary health care, treat patients and train traditional midwives plus other community health workers. They will also be in a position to open a dispensary or health centre and carry out births. They will also be carrying out immunizations and transferring difficult cases at nearest hospitals. They will  be helping in the birthing kits distribution and carrying out survey on the impact of birthing kits. During holidays they will be going back to their villages and do some of these activities.


We are very happy to let you know that the first class to begin in the school are now in their fourth year which is their last year and in July 2018 they will be graduating and get their diploma certificates in Nursing and midwifery.Next year May will be the last learning month then they will get into National examinations in July.We are very happy to see that our vision is almost becoming a reality as they near a finishing point.

Students in the classroom.

Fourth year students

We started the school with 20 students who were very active and willing to complete their education.4 of them were lucky to get schorlaships,15 didn’t have any support and it was very challenging to us and the students.From the twenty students,5 of them left due to various difficulties and problems.Two of them got pregnant and 3 suffered extreme hunger and poverty.When we saw this,Dr.Lucs family began supporting the 11 who didn’t have scholarships upto now all the fifteen are in fourth year.It was not easy for us and it took lots of sacrifice so the students could reach this far.Its great that God helped them and they were very committed and clever in school and they made it.


The big problem and challenge we are facing is that in this fourth year,lots of materials and equipments are required.They will be undertaking a national exam and if successful they will get a certificate Diploma in Nursing and midwifery.They will also have lots of months for practicals in Hospitals far from Luvungi.We hope they will be going to South kivu province.All this will require lots of finances and it is very difficult for us on our own to take up responsibility for the 11 non sponsored students.

We are soo worried that if they do not get scholarship,all the 3 years that we have been supporting them will waste away.This is why we are coming before you to request that if possible you support one or more for the remaining year. They opened school on the 4th of September and are now in school. This is one of the urgent needs that MHCD has at the moment. In two weeks am planning to go to Luvungi so I can talk to them and see how we can plan their medical outreaches and school fees.

540 per year. This is for education alone without food. We are requesting all well wishers to help us in providing for the education of these students. Your support will provide them with education that will help provide proper health care and save lives of very many women and children in their villages.




Students at the library.

Tuition fee:

We have 15 students and the cost for each one is USD 540 ( AUD 800) per year. We are requesting all well wishers to help us in providing for the education of these students. Your support will provide them with education that will help provide proper health care and save lives of very many women and children in their villages.

Impact of the students in their villages:

Most of these students were traditional midwives,they were helping their mothers in the delivery of babies in their villages.When they finish they will go to their villages and ope up birthing roomsor health centres.They will be helping women give birth,carry out immunizations,family planning,counseling and prenatal care.They will also be helping in training traditional midwives.They will be working very closely with traditional midwives.Another activity will be distribution of birthing kits and to make sure that other villages with no kits have received them.Most of the girls are orphans so when they finish they will take responsibility of their families and help their siblings.This will be a great impact on their families and the whole community and that’s why we are looking for sponsors so that the eleven who do not have any scholarship may complete and be of importance I their community.

For more information concerning the midwifery school, please contact :

Dr. Luc Mulimbalimba

Email :

Tel : +243 994 931 840


Mutula Ruganiza Amani


Tel : +243 993 861 005

Website :

Below is a bank account number details should you wish to support this Midwifery program.And we say thank you so much in advance.We will make sure that every cent sent towards the educational program of the students will be used for the same purpose.Kindly please too may we know through email of your contributions and sponsorship and we shall gladly say thank you.We shall also keep you informed of the progress of the students and school.

Bank account details :

Bank : NAB National Australia Bank

Account : MHCDASA

BSB : 085436

A /C : 39 842 6510

Again many thanks for your support and may God bless you.We really appreciate everything you are doing for the student and entire MHCD.







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