Education is one of the activities that MHCD gets involved with amongst the youths.As you know,education is the key to life.Computer for life is a youth project teaching them about computers and information technology.We educate the youths who have completed secondary schools and were not lucky enough to attend higher learning institutions.We also teach youths who never completed secondary school education but are bright.This program has helped young mothers whose education was cut short by unwanted pregnancies.Our main objective is teaching the youths computer knowledge,help them reduce poverty and make them self sufficient.
Computer knowledge has become very marketable in DRC because many offices require secretaries who have computer knowledge.This is why MHCD has opened computer training centres in different villages of Uvira and Fizi territories in South Kivu province for the sake of helping the youth who have suffered for a very long time.We were lucky to get laptops and computers from Australia that have helped us in opening up 3 main computer centres.One is in Luvungi,another in Uvira town both in Uvira territory and another one in Makobola,Fizi territory.We also gave laptops to students learning nursing and midwifery at the Great lakes medical school.We are so grateful to Tom Cecil who has helped us in collecting and sending the laptops in Uvira DRC.He is our Ambassador and representative of computer for life project in Australia.Thank you very much for all your sacrifice and efforts that you are putting in so we can get laptops to help the vulnerable youths.
Through the laptops and computers,we have also opened an internet cafe in Uvira town and Luvungi that helps youths carry out research and communicate through email.Communication amongst the youth is now very easy unlike before.Here,especially in villages and rural areas,some youths complete secondary school education without touching a computer or laptop but through the computer for life project,many youths are now computer literate.This has continued to bring development in the villages and reduced poverty.Many unemployed youths were employed after completing their training at our centres,almost 60%.The nurses and midwifery students we gave laptops and computers to are able to carry out research and homework through laptops and computers they received.Computer for life project has brought positive change and improvement to many youths in Uvira,Luvungi and Makobola.
We are also grateful to Jenny Weaver,Ivan and Lucy for supporting also this program with computers and laptops.Your support,love and care has also helped us in advancing this program.
Our vision is to open up many computer training centers in villages and rural areas of Uvira and Fizi territories.So we are still in need of laptops so we can open the computer training centres in the villages we have not yet opened.We are also in need of tables and chairs.Computer for life project is reducing poverty and improving lives of so many youths in Uvira and Fizi territories.We are so grateful to all those who are continuing to sacrifice and support MHCD and computer for life project.Again thank you Tom Cecil so much.We really appreciate your efforts,love and care.

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