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Democratic Republic of Congo is a country located in central Africa. The capital city is called Kinshasa, It is the second largest country in Africa after Algeria. It has more than 70 million people.Uvira district is one of the districts of D.R.Congo and it is located in South Kivu Province in the East of D.R.Congo.Since 1997 DRCongo has been affected so much by war and UN report estimates that more than 5 million people have died in war. This number exceeds the number of people who died during the Second World War.

Currently war is over in DRCongo but another war has set in which is poverty. The war in Congo left very many orphans, widows and many young girls and women were raped. There are some isolated places with insecurity issues like Mutarula village.80% of Congolese practice subsistence farming. Due to insecurity, they are scared to go and farm and this has given rise to malnutrition. The orphaned children are leading very miserable lives, they do not have clothes, food and medical care and most still have lost lives due to poverty. Those lucky enough to be taken care of by relatives; it’s very very hard due to financial strains.

Ruzizi valley is located in Uvira District and there is no orphanage or children’s home in the whole area. Because of this, orphans are suffering so much due to lack of clothing, food and shelter. When MHCD staffs visited some of these children, they found they had severe malnutrition associated with anemia and malaria and most were dehydrated.

In finding a lasting solution to the problem and in saving the lives of orphans, MHCD initiated a project of constructing a city of hope children’s home. We are planning to construct 10 houses, each house with a sitting room,4 bedrooms and toilettes and will have a capacity to house 8 children. We will pick on widows with very difficult life to take care of the children. We shall be supporting the children and widows. We shall provide food, clothes, medical care and education for them. Our objective is to have them stay like a family so they cannot feel that they are in an orphanage. On their education, MHCD has a nursery and primary school where other orphans and vulnerable children are learning for free. So it will be very easy for them to learn in good conditions. We also have a hospital that will help in providing for the children good and quality healthcare.Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba,the MHCD Director donated the land where the houses will be constructed and the community will contribute bricks.

We are requesting all well wishers to join hands with us so we can see if we will be able to construct the 10 houses. The city of hope will save lives of so many children who are leading miserable lives. It will also help in reducing poverty and give thewidows an occupation.

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Dr. Luc Mulimbalimba.



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