Bumba Division is located in Commune de Ngaliema, Lukunga district, Kinshasa Province in Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s part of KinshasaRural. Have 143 avenues and 13 locations. The population registered in 2014 of the division is 41,393 people. The main activities are agriculture and micro business like selling of tomatoes, vegetables, small fish and onions.

The main problem they are facing is healthcare, water, poor roads and erosion. The houses too were poorly constructed because most of the people living there are poor and vulnerable. During a rainy season the past month, roads were completely destroyed; many houses came down rending many people homeless. Most children and women have since fallen sick. The region has got only 1 health centre and they are not able to cater for all the sick people.

After their ordeal was aired in one of the national television channels, Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba and some of the MHCD staffs went to visit the division and they could not believe the sufferings of the people. There was no clean water, just one pump for the whole division and some people had travelled for more than 3kms to fetch water. Some women have to literally wait for the water the whole day. They also discovered that the whole place had only one health centre managed by the Catholic Church and for the people living on the opposite side it’s very hard to access it because of long distance and poor roads. While we were there, there was one child who was anaemic and he died on the way due to the long distance. Some women testified that many expectant women die on way especially for those whose labour comes at night. We visited some houses and we found some women and children were very sick with malaria and typhoid and they were just sleeping in their houses. When Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba asked why they couldn’t go to the Hospital, they say they do not have transport to reach there and they cannot afford money to pay the hospital because it’s expensive.

These testimonies touched the heart of Dr.Luc Mulimbalimba together with the MHCD staffs who visited the division and as MHCD we decided to construct a 30 bed hospital at the Bumba division. We are very grateful to Stella Darmody who reimbursed the funds used in the Hospital construction. We are very grateful to for all the sacrifices and efforts she is making for the sake of MHCD.

We started the construction of the hospital in October 2015 and finish completely in May 2016. Dr. Luc Mulimbalimba saw that the only gift to give to the people of Bumba Division is to help them in constructing a Hospital. When the Bumba population saw someone from the South Kivu province coming to build in their area they were so surprised. This made them contribute their time and energy helping the masons and engineers in the construction. Others came with sand and some women preparing food for the masons. This caused the Hospital construction to progress very fast. When it was launched, the whole population was around singing and dancing rejoicing for their clinic. The same day we launched the Hospital was full with patients. Others came from neighbouring divisions and Districts. When they saw they were treated and going back home especially those who were losing children due to lack of hospitals and specialised doctors, it was a surprise to them on seeing they are warmly received and attended to and their children going back home very well. Most were crying tears of joy.MHCD Bumba Hospital (Bethesda Medical centre) has been of great help to the population of Bumba and its surrounding and its full every day. We are so grateful to God who gave us the opportunity to construct the Hospital. We are so grateful to all of you for your continued prayers and support so we can continue serving the less fortunate.

The hospital was launched by Rev. Peter Frogley, the National leader of Bethesda Ministries International Australia. He has been very close to us and encouraged us so much in this course. He visited Kinshasa many times and even talked to many about the work we do in Kinshasa and D.R. Congo in General. After seeing the work we are doing in Luvungi Uvira District, he was very happy and encouraged us to have the same in Kinshasa. Thank you very much for your prayers and advice Rev.Peter Frogley.

The Hospital has reception, two consultation rooms, pharmacy, laboratory, nursing care room, theatre, maternityhall, wards for both men and women, paediatric ward, echography and radiography room. We also have pre and post natal care, birthing kits distribution centre, epilepsy centre, naturopathic clinic and family planning and counselling clinic.

In September 2016 during the political crisis in Kinshasa,the clinic came in handy in helping the vulnerable people afford primary health care and operations.All those who were injured with bullets and had no means of getting treatment came to our clinic and received treatment.There are other many people from Kinshasa region especially orphans,widows and other vulnerable who come to be treated there.Everyday we also receive expectant women coming for delivery.Kinshasa population at large are very grateful to MHCD for constructing the clinic thats of huge help to them and that is saving their lives.

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