This program is involved with helping orphaned children with no support. We started this program when a mentally handicapped woman one day came to deliver at the Hospital, she didn’t know the father and she had remained in the forest till the pregnancy came to term. Some women who were coming from their farmlands one day met her in labour and they brought her to the Luvungi MHCD hospital. When she arrived she had so many wounds on the body and on the private parts. We helped her deliver twins and we treated her of wounds and infections. Those who knew her said most of the times when she gives birth to a baby, she accidentally sleeps on it and the baby dies. Nurses kept watch on her at the Hospital and one day as she attempted to kill the children, we took the babies and put them in one of the rooms at the Hospital and this started off the orphanage.

Due to lack of finance, the program did not fair well and we had to integrate the children in some families. Their development became a little difficult and this is why we would like to build the city of hope children home where we shall house the children and many other orphaned children.Luvungi MHCD nursery school has 80 children and many of them are orphans.

We are requesting for the support of all well-wishers so we can construct the city of hope children’s home. We are planning to construct 10 houses and each house shall be hosting around 8 children. One house costs USD10,500.

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