80% of the Uvira Districts population practice subsistence farming due to lack of training and support. This makes most of them continue in poverty life and lack funds for basic medical care. Because of insecurity, most are also afraid to farm and this contributes to the high rates of poverty and malnutrition.

We thought of supporting these farmers through an agricultural program under which we distribute hoes, seeds, and land to vulnerable women so they can farm. We also have a tractor that assists in ploughing for those with bigger farms. On top of this, we find ready markets for their products so they may progress faster. We constructed the Pamela community centre where the women come and are informed on different topics on farming and agribusiness..

This has brought a great impact in Uvira District hence reducing levels of poverty and hunger. Many children who were suffering from malnutrition have now recovered and their mothers were able to get enough food to feed their families and sell the surplus and are leading better lives.

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